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"There Wasn't Any Surprises," AMM on Manitoba Budget

Welcome to Municipal Affairs, I am Your Host Christopher Brown.

On April 2nd, Premier Wab Kinew and the Governing Manitoba NDP tabled the Manitoba Provincial Budget.

Now according to the province - “Budget 2024 delivers on the government’s commitments to rebuild health care across Manitoba and lower costs for families”

Manitoba’s Minister of Finance who tabled the 2024 Budget said, “We’re making smart, targeted investments. We can take steps to fix health care and lower costs, and we can do it while being responsible with public money and charting a path back to balance.

"That’s what Manitobans can expect from our first budget.”

We chatted with Kam Blight, the President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities for his reaction to the provincial budget.

We will discuss his key takeaways from the budget, and how the budget will impact municipalities across the province.

This is Municipal Affairs.



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