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UCP Riding Associations to Force Leadership Review

At least 22 riding associations for the governing United Conservative Party of Alberta (UCP) have passed a motion to set in place a leadership review of Premier Jason Kenney.

In a letter to UCP President Ryan Becker 18 riding association presidents co-signed the

letter stating that 22 riding associations had passed identical motions. 4 riding associations have passed similar motions but the presidents of the riding associations did not sign the open letter.

The motion states,

Our United Conservative Party constituency board fully supports our party's requirement for periodic leadership reviews. According to Article 5.7 of the UCP Bylaws, the UCP board for the constituency of [constituency name] respectfully requests that the governing board of the party call for a Special General Meeting, for the purposes of convening a leadership review, prior to March 1, 2022.


1. The Leadership Election Committee shall include two constituency presidents appointed by the constituency associations; and

2. The Returning Officers selected by the Leadership Election Committee, pursuant to Article 2.16 of the Governance Manual - Leadership Review and Selection Rules, shall be an independent professional accounting and auditing firm. If electronic, all PINs will be under the control, released and managed by this independent firm to ensure (1) the security of the voting system and (2) one member one vote.

This announcement comes on the heals fo the UCP's AGM scheduled in Calgary this upcoming weekend.

Kenney had stated that he would call for a leadership review in April of 2022, but this series of events could move that up to March.


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