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'We are on the downward slope of transmission': Kenney

Premier Jason Kenney believes that the peak of transmission has come and gone in regards to the Omicron wave of COVID-19.

"Trends are encouraging," the Premier stated at Thursday press conference. He added that there are still 4 communities that trends are still on the upwards due to testing of wastewater. "Lets recall that Omicron didn't affect all regions of the province simultaneously, so we can expect to see some regional variances " Kenney added.

Looking at other jurisdictions around the world, Kenney says that Alberta is now in the 5th week of the Omicron wave of the pandemic, "If the variant performs in Alberta like it has in jurisdictions around the world we can reasonable expect that we are on the downward slope of transmission."

While on the downward slope, Kenney added that Albertans have to mindful of hospital capacity as well.

Giving Albertans a glimmer of hope about the future, Kenney struck a tone of optimism about the future of restrictions and COVID-19. Kenney had few words about when the end would come to the restrictions in place in Alberta, "Hopefully Soon."

He added that Alberta needs to get past the Omicron wave of pandemic, "We aren't there yet, but please continue to be cautious."


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