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"Win-Win for Renewable Energy & Municipalities": Vulcan County

Welcome to 'Municipal Affairs”, I'm your host, Chris Brown.

This morning after a 6-month short pause on final approvals for large renewable energy projects, Premier Danielle Smith and Minister of Affordability and Utilities, Nathan Neudorf announced the strict new rules for Renewable energy developments in Alberta including but not limited to:

The Province will no longer permit renewable generation developments on Class 1 land (soils with no significant limitations in use for crops) or Class 2 land (soils with moderate limitations that restrict the range of crops or require moderate conservation practices) unless the proponent can demonstrate the ability for both crops and/or livestock to coexist with the renewable generation project.

Developers will be responsible for reclamation costs via bond or security.

Buffer zones of a minimum of 35 kilometres will be established around protected areas and other "pristine viewscapes" as designated by the province.

New wind projects will no longer be permitted within those buffer zones. Other proposed developments located within the buffer zone may be subject to a visual impact assessment before approval.

Any development of renewable development on Crown lands will be on a case-by-case basis.

and most importantly for Municipalities. Municipalities will automatically have the right to take part in Alberta Utilities Commission hearings.

Joining us for today's discussion is Jason Schneider, reeve of Vulcan County, whose insights offer a firsthand perspective on the impact of these policy changes and why hes calling it a win-win solution for municipalities.

Schneider's remarks underscore the importance of a balanced and thoughtful approach to sustainable development—one that considers the needs of municipalities, residents, and developers alike.

This is Municipal Affairs.



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