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Year in Review with the Conservative Party of Canada

Welcome to "Municipal Affairs," the show dedicated to delving deep into the matters that shape municipalities across Canada.

As we approach the close of another eventful year, we have the privilege of engaging in a conversation that directly impacts Canadians from across of our nation.

Today, I am thrilled to be joined by a distinguished guest, the Conservative Party of Canada Finance Critic and Member of Parliament for Calgary Forest Lawn, Jasraj Singh Hallan.

In the intricate dance of fiscal policies and economic stewardship, the Finance Critic plays a vital role in scrutinizing, and challenging the financial decisions that shape our country's trajectory.

Join us as we sit down with Mr. Jasraj Singh Hallan to reflect on the economic landscape of the past year, unpack the challenges faced by Canadians, and explore the policy initiatives that may pave the way for a prosperous future.

This is Municipal Affairs.

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