Alberta NDP acclaim Irfan Sabir in Calgary-Bhullar-McCall

Irfan Sabir the MLA for Calgary-Bhullar-McCall is looking to head back to Edmonton after the next provincial election.

Sabir was acclaimed as the candidate for Rachel Notley's Alberta NDP at a meeting Thursday night. He said in his acceptance speech, "There is a lot more work we can do together.

"It is a pleasure to be here with all of you," Sabir stated. "The last three years have been difficult due to the outcome of the pandemic and the choices that the government has made."

Sabir said that the self-congratulations that the United Conservative Party has given itself on handling the pandemic are shocking, "The UCP has claimed that Alberta has handled the pandemic better than other provinces. But we have seen a significantly lower uptick in vaccination, and more needless infections and deaths because of the choices made by Premier Kenney and the UCP."