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Big Valley Goes To The Polls Feb. 20th

Village of Big Valley will head to the polls on February 20th, 2024 (Photo Village of Big Valley Website)

Big Valley Alberta will head to the polls on February 20th, to elect two new council members as the community seeks to rebuild its local government following the resignations of the two councillors last year.

The village has been under Provincial Administration ever since, grappling with the shift from a council of three elected officials to just one.

Councillor Clark German and Amber Hoogenberg, stepped down in November leaving a void in local leadership.

With the by-election on the horizon, four candidates have stepped up to the challenge of filling two vacant positions and shaping the future of Big Valley.

Tim Field, Chantelle Janke, Elaine Macdonald, and Harry Nibourg are the contenders in this closely watched race


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