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Chapter 3, Episode 79: Laurie LeBlanc

Risking it all for love over a game of chance has never sounded like it feels so good until multi-award winning East Coast Acadian country artist Laurie LeBlanc sings about it in his new single, “All In” — available now!

The fourth release from LeBlanc’s 2021 ECMA and Music NB Country Recording of the Year-nominated album, When It’s Right, It’s Right, “All In” goes all out for a rollicking good time over a high romantic stakes, poker tournament for two.

With its steam train, chugging beat, and playful interchange of tasty guitar, pedal steel, fiddle and piano riffs, “All In” sounds like full-on Saturday night fun, and it’s no accident that it does. “The idea of the song came while playing a game of poker one Saturday Night,” recalls LeBlanc. “The story is about a guy and a girl at the final poker table. The hot babe is making a pretty cute poker face at her opponent, and he thinks they have something special going on.”

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