EDITORIAL: 'Why don’t we elect a government made up of mice?'

Provincial Leaders of Mouseland are leaving their post, some by choice, and some not.

One by one over the last few weeks/months the leadership of provincial NDP are calling it quits, getting turfed or still looking for a permanent leader after years in the wilderness.

There has never been an exodus of turnover in the provincial leadership of the NDP ever. Only two provincial leaders and one Territorial leader are looking safe right now. Those leaders are Alberta's Rachel Notley, Manitoba's Wab Kinew, and Yukon's Kate White.

Outside of those leaders, the NDP is in shambles right now, and it doesn't spell hope federally if your provincial cousins are in disarray.

In British Columbia Premier John Horgan called it quits Tuesday afternoon saying that he doesn't have it in him for potentially 6 more years of being the premier's chair. Now some have speculated that this is due to his recent cancer treatments, which is understandable but the timing for his announcement couldn't have come at a worse time for the NDP. Kevin Falcon and the - still called - British Columbia Liberals are mounting a campaign to try and take back control of the province after 6 years in the political wilderness.

In Saskatchewan Carla Beck was crowned the new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP after Ryan Meili stepped down earlier this year after a disastrous showing in the northwest riding of Athabasca. Beck says that she will do things differently and her first challenge will be keeping Meili's old seat of Saskatoon-Meewasin in the NDP fold. The Saskatchewan Party and Premier Scott Moe have sent fundraiser letter after fundraiser letter asking for support to win the former NDP leaders' riding.

Beck will need to find a winning coalition to keep the seat in the NDP fold, but it looks as though the leader will have an uphill battle on her hand.

In Ontario ultimately the biggest province for the NDP to find a path to victory, Andrea Horwath announced she wasn't staying on as leader after the provincial election in June. She has relatively kept a low profile since the election and on Tuesday when BC premier John Horgan was announcing his departure the Ontario NDP tried to look renewed with their announcement of longtime MPP Peter Tabuns as the new Interim Leader.