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"Everything, Everywhere, All At Once," ABNDP on Bills 18,20,21

Welcome to Municipal Affairs, I’m Christopher Brown.

Today, we have a special guest, Kyle Kasawski, the Alberta NDP's Municipal Affairs Critic, who will help us unpack the implications of several recent legislative moves by the United Conservative Party (UCP) government.

Earlier this week Premier Danielle Smith and the UCP passed Bill 18, 20, and 21. All of which have been under fire for a series of legislative actions that critics argue centralize power and undermine democratic processes Municipally.

Bills 18, 20, and 21 have sparked significant debate and concern across the province. These bills include measures that allow the provincial government to remove democratically elected county councillors, overrule local bylaws, and assume control over the Local Emergencies Act.

Kyle Kasawski, in his recent article published in the Sherwood Park News, has been vocal about what he perceives as a blatant power grab by the UCP. He points out the critical timing of these legislative changes, noting that May is traditionally a challenging month for Alberta due to natural disasters such as fires, floods, and extreme weather events. While shifting the election date could be justified by these practical concerns, Kasawski argues that the manner in which this decision was made—without consulting Albertans or the Official Opposition—reflects a troubling disregard for democratic processes.

Join us as we discuss with MLA Kasawski the impacts of these bills on local governance in Alberta, the implications for democratic accountability, and the broader political context in which these changes are occurring, and what he has heard from Municipal leaders across Alberta both Urban and Rural.

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