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Miyanaga elected New Reeve of MD of Taber

Reeve Miyanaga taking the Oath of Office (Photo MD of Taber)

Councillor Tamara Miyanaga has been elected Reeve of the Municipal District of Taber during the organizational meeting this week.

Miyanaga's ascension to the top role marks a change in leadership, as she had been previously serving as the Deputy Reeve for the past year. The new Reeve secure victory over her opponent, Reeve Merrill Harris, in a 4-3 vote.

Division 3 Councillor Brian G. Hildebrand nominated Miyanaga.

Councillor John DeGroot, will take up the mantle of Deputy Reeve, offering a valuable complement to Miyanaga's leadership.

Miyanaga, whose political journey began in 2017 with her initial election and subsequent re-election in 2021, has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the local issues and a steadfast commitment to fostering a vibrant and cohesive community.

Her strong track record and dedication to public service signal a promising future for the MD of Taber under her leadership.

The MD of Taber is located in south-central Alberta neighbouring 6 other rural municipalities.


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