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Municipal Affairs For September 11th, 2023

Welcome to "Municipal Affairs," a groundbreaking show dedicated to delving deep into the matters that shape municipalities across Canada. We're excited to bring you insightful stories, engaging discussions, and exclusive interviews with municipal leaders from coast to coast to coast.

Today on the show, we turn to the first use of the Strong Mayor Powers to pass a building permit in the Town of Ajax, Ontario

Then we will be heading to Saskatchewan where - at recording - 76 Rural Municipalities have declared a state of agriculture disaster, and what the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities are looking for from the Province and Federal Governments around the issue.

Then we're going to be joined by Councillor Mike Pashak of the Summer Village of Half Moon Bay. Councillor Pashak is on the forefront of a resolution put forward to be debated at the upcoming Alberta Municipalities Conference regarding the use of Golf Carts on Municipal Roads.

And finally, well dive into the recent cabinet shuffle in Ontario.

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