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SHOW NOTES: New Year, New Look, Same Great Content

Happy 2022, and Welcome to the new and Updated Cross Border Interviews.

2021 was our most successful year on the Cross Border Interview Podcast, but we dont want to look backwards and only want to look forward.

You may have notice a bit of a rebrand. This was to keep us current and fresh. Our new name is Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown. We are dropping the podcast part of the name to expand our show, and not be pigeonholed by the name.

We have some great new additions to the show including - Live recordings where viewers will be able to watch and interact with the guest, and we will be hitting the road in 2022 to visit this great province of ours and chatting with some great Mayor's and Reeves across this province.

We are growing every day and will be bringing daily news to our readers, and each week we will be recapping the biggest news of the week on our youtube channel.

Our Entertainment Show is going through a bit of a rebrand as well. Our Entertainment Pundit and I will be reviewing two movies each month. We will give our opinions and a thumbs up or thumbs down on those monthly movies.

Our Ballot Box Series was so popular we will be bringing it back for another season with The Ballot Box: Road to 2023. We will be chatting with candidates heading into the 31st Alberta General Election.

With over 300 episodes in the bank, we now turn our sites to episode 500, 750, and 1000! So be sure to subscribe hit that follow button and keep this website bookmarked as we prepare to enter an new year, a new look, but with the same great conversations.


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