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OPINION: When It Comes To Election 2023, I Guess 'Size Does Matter'

Photos from UCP Twitter Account, and NDP Twitter Account

Rounding out the second last weekend of the campaign, and with just a week remaining before voters cast their ballots, it is disheartening to observe how the true essence of this election has been overshadowed by trivial matters.

Instead of engaging in substantive debates on crucial topics such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and crime, the focus has shifted to a shallow competition around the size of political events.

The decline into this unfortunate state began over the weekend when the official Twitter account of the Alberta NDP posted a photo with the caption, "This shockingly tiny crowd showed up for Danielle Smith in Sherwood Park this morning. Albertans are abandoning Danielle Smith and the UCP."

Following that tweet, the parties went into overdrive to showcase who could attract larger turnouts, expressing gratitude to those who attended their events.

Unfortunately, this weekend lacked substantive discussions about the policies and plans each party would implement if elected. While Albertans from all corners of the province are grappling with the rising cost of living and skyrocketing grocery prices, the political parties seemed more concerned with outdoing each other in terms of event attendance.

This disconnect between the ruling parties' priorities and the needs of the people is alarming. While the general public struggles to make ends meet, political staffers are preoccupied with monitoring their opponents rather than offering concrete solutions to alleviate the hardships faced by the electorate.

This election was meant to be an opportunity for robust and meaningful discussions on vital issues that directly impact citizens' lives. Instead, it has devolved into an ego-driven contest, overshadowing the urgency of addressing the challenges faced by our community. Albertans are concerned about healthcare accessibility, quality education, infrastructure development, and crime prevention, which has been drowned out by the futile "whose is bigger" mentality.

Ultimately, what truly matters is the well-being of the people who are currently grappling with the hardships imposed by a stagnant economy and a rapidly changing world. The rising cost of living and the strain on individuals and families demand immediate attention.

It is deeply disappointing to witness the lack of genuine concern from the parties and their leadership. Citizens feel neglected and unheard, with a prevailing sentiment that the parties are not genuinely invested in improving their lives. This election was an opportunity for politicians to step up, demonstrate responsible leadership, and address the pressing concerns of the people. However, it has regrettably become a missed chance to tackle real problems in favour of political posturing.

With Albertans heading to the polls in less than a week, it is crucial to reflect on the lost potential of this election season. Prioritizing superficial competition over critical issues is an affront to democracy and the trust vested in our elected representatives.

The parties must prioritize the well-being of the people over political gamesmanship and engage in substantive discussions that offer concrete solutions to the challenges faced by society.

The electorate deserves better, and it is high time for the parties and their leadership to recognize their responsibility to address the pressing concerns of the people.


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