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Our Ontario 2022 Election Riding Watch

Ontario is heading to the polls in just under 100 days, and we will be on the ground in thee of the 107 ridings during the 2022 Ontario Election.

We will be watching three ridings during the election, 1) Durham 2) Northumberland Peterborough South, & 3) Bay of Quinte.

Now why you may ask, simple. These are our home ridings.

This show started in Alberta but our first home will always be Ontairo. It's where we got our chops at the Orono Weekly Times, or at Classics 95.5 FM, or at 6:30 News in Belleville. We have a special place in our hearts for the outskirts of the GTA, and we are looking forward to getting back to the pavement and hitting the campaign offices.

So over the comings weeks we will be digging deep into the three ridings that we grew up in, weather it be on the covering and participating in the polar bear plunge on shores of Bond Head, or covering city hall in Belleville, Ontario these three ridings will be showcased over the coming weeks.

The incumbents for the ridings are Lindsay Park (Durham MPP - PC turned Independent), the Hon. David Piccini ( Northumberland Peterborough South MPP - PC) and the Hon. Todd Smith (Bay of Quinte MPP - PC)

Piccini and Smith are running for re-election, while Park is not on the ballot.


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