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Savoie In, Allain Out: Higgs Shuffles Cabinet

Daniel Allain (Left) has been replaced in Blaine Higgs Cabinet as Local Government MInister by Glen Savoie (Right)

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs shuffled his cabinet Tuesday morning after weeks of party infighting and cabinet ministers resigning over his governments handling of Policy 713.

Among the notable changes is the appointment of Glen Savoie as the new Minister of Local Government, taking over from former Local Government Minister Daniel Allain.

The shuffle comes in the wake of Allain's recent decision to support an opposition lead Liberal motion that called for further consultations on Policy 713, which aims to provide protections for LGBTQ students in provincial schools.

Education Minster Bill Hogan who has been on the forefront of the Policy 713 debate remains in his portfolio.

In a press release, Premier Higgs emphasized the need for new perspectives and approaches in the government. He stated, "The changes announced today will allow some fresh perspectives and approaches to be brought to the table and will allow us to continue to focus on our priority areas."

Glen Savoie, the newly appointed Minister of Local Government will retain his position as Minister responsible for La Francophonie as well. Savoies first task as Minister of Local Government will be to sell Bill 45 to Municipalities. Bill 45, or the Local Governance Commission Act, is intended to create a new body that will oversee conflict of interest and code of conduct complaints, as well as help municipalities reach funding agreements over regional facilities. A number of municipal groups in the province are raising concerns about the bill as they say it would give the minister of local government the power to amend or repeal municipal bylaws at will.

The cabinet shuffle marks a turning point for Premier Higgs' government, as he also faces calls for his resignation from party riding presidents across the province.


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