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SHOW NEWS: Cross Border Interviews Tours Alberta


That the number of cities, towns, summer villages, counties, municipal districts within the Province of Alberta that have a mayor, or a reeve.

We here at the Cross Border Interviews have always been up for a challenge, whether it be in our first season putting out an episode each week, or our second season having two shows per week, or maybe the season where we are expanding and going 5 days a week.

We are taking the show on the road, we are going to where the guests live. We are hitting the road and touring Alberta with the goal of interviewing EVERY - and you read that correctly - single Mayor/Reeve within the province of Alberta in their home community.

Our plan is to showcase the great communities in our province with the goal of talking to the people who are these communities best cheerleaders.

Whether it be Cold Lake, Jarvis Bay, MD of Smokey River No. 130, Oyen or right here in Calgary, every Mayor or Reeve has a great community so we want to showcase it to our listeners/audience.

Now to do this we have somewhat of a great challenge ahead of us. We need to hire a producer/camera operator to join us on the Alberta Tour. We need business sponsors to make sure that this project gets off the ground.

If you are a business leader in the province (or within Canada), or an individual who wants to support taking the road on the show then consider backing us today.

Our goal is to hit the road after the Victoria Day Weekend, and raise $35,000 before then. This money will go to covering the cost of our equipment, our crew and our road costs.

Donations can come in the form of gas cards, hotel vouchers, camera equipment. Any donation would be great.

If we can raise $50,000 before May then we will be able to cover the cost of a third crew member who will edit the productions together for distributions.

The RV is ready, the road is open, and the show is ready for Cross Border Interviews Tours Alberta.

Consider backing the show today.

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