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Who Runs Clearwater County? Women!

Clearwater Deputy Reeve Gennifer Melhaff with newly elected Reeve Michelle Swanson (Photo Clearwater County)

To Paraphase Beyonce, "Who Runs the World? Women! Clearwater County saw a change of leadership around the council table this week at the organizational council meeting. The positions of Reeve and Deputy Reeve were claimed by two prominent female councillors, signalling a powerful shift in the county's leadership landscape.

Division 7 Councillor Michelle Swanson, known for her steadfast dedication and strategic vision, was elected as the new Reeve of Clearwater County in a contested secret ballot. Swanson beat out former Reeve Daryl Lougheed.

Reeve Michelle Swanson (Photo Youtube Screen Capture)

In her acceptance speech, Swanson expressed her gratitude and enthusiasm for the responsibilities ahead, emphasizing her commitment to the county's ongoing strategic development.

"I look forward to working with all of you to continue to work on our strategic plan over the next year." Swanson articulated, underscoring her determination to steer the county towards a future of progress and prosperity.

Councillor Sydney Graham, acknowledging Swanson's exceptional leadership qualities, presented a compelling nomination speech, highlighting Swanson's integral role in fostering the growth of her fellow councillors. "Many of my experiences with Councillor Swanson show me that she would be an excellent Reeve," Graham stated, while recognizing Swanson's ability to strike a balance and encourage personal development among her peers.

Revealing Swanson's penchant for nurturing individual potential within the council, Graham further emphasized, "She's not afraid to call us out on stuff. For me personally being an introvert, and when I need to be more social - she's not afraid to give me a nudge and say 'Sydney, you need to talk to more people'.

"She likes to see all of us shine, and she has the leadership skills that push us all to be better versions of ourselves, and better for our community," Graham added.

Swanson, who began her journey as Division 7 Councillor in 2017, brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to community welfare, promising a dynamic era of progress and inclusivity for Clearwater County under her astute guidance.

Melhaff stays on as Deputy

Clearwater County Deputy Reeve Gennifer Mehlhaff (Photo Youtube Screen Shot)

Division 1 Councillor Gennifer Mehlhaff will stay on as Deputy Reeve over the next year. In a social media post said that she was proud to continue on in the role of Deputy Reeve.

Melhaff was first elected in 2021.


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