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Wotherspoon Out: Sask NDP Finance Critic passes on leadership Bid

Runner up to the 2018 Saskatchewan NDP Leadership, Trent Wotherspoon announced via social media that he was taking a pass at the upcoming Leadership Race.

Wotherspoon wrote via social media that at this time he wasn't willing to spend the amount of time on the road that would be required as leader with a young family, " I know what serving as leader takes as a family. I’m not prepared to be away and sacrifice time like that at this stage of William’s life and our family."

The Regina-Rosemont MLA has been in office since 2007 and ran for the leadership fo the party twice, once in 2008 placing third, and then again in 2013 placing second to current leader Ryan Meili.

While he is taking a pass at the leadership, Wotherspoon offered advice for the party, "We have some exceptionally strong and exciting leaders that can bring new energy and change, an inspiring vision, fire in the belly and the needed ability to build the party, movement and the broad public support needed to win.

"I remain committed and motivated to serving as a MLA and to doing the hard work as part of the team and movement to build and earn the trust to win the next election and deliver needed change for Saskatchewan people," he added.

Current leader Ryan Meili announced Friday morning that he would be stepping down from the leadership of the party once a new leader was choosen.

The Saskatchewan NDP have failed to gain votes and seats in the last 2 elections. In a by-election in the North East riding of Athabasca, the Saskatchewan lost after holding the seat since 1975, with a three year interruption from 1995 to 1998.


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