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Yahoo! Premier Kenney Announces "Alberta Day" on September 1st

Premier Jason Kenney at the annual Premier Stampede Breakfast on July 11th

Celebrating the spirit and work ethic that is Alberta, Premier Jason Kenney announced Monday Morning at the 'Premier's Stampede Breakfast' the creation of Alberta Day slated for every September 1st moving forward.

"More people are working today in Alberta than at any time in our history as a province," Kenney stated. "New people are coming to Alberta from across Canada and around the world," He added.

Kenney stated that people are arriving to the province because it is the land of fresh starts and new beginnings, "That is why I'm happy to announce that beginning September the 1st (the province) is instituting a new annual tradition to celebrate in a big a beautiful way by declaring September 1st - the day (Alberta) joined confederation - as Alberta Day."

The Premier stated that it's time for Alberta to be celebrated, "We rightfully celebrate Canada Day, it's time that we also celebrate this place we call home."

In an official press release, The Government of Alberta will host Alberta Day celebrations in Edmonton and Calgary and will support other municipalities in planning and hosting their own events, potentially in conjunction with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. More details will be shared in the coming months.

"Alberta is worth celebrating," Kenney stated. "I know there are some people out there that just want to do nothing but criticize our history, but we need to learn from the mistakes from our past but also celebrate (our) achievements. We need to be proud about this province."

The creation of "Alberta Day" on September 1st, is in keeping with the Fair Deal Panel recommendations to “explore ways and means to affirm Alberta’s cultural, economic and political uniqueness.”


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