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Akeeagok becomes Nunavut's 6th Premier

Photo from P.J Akeeagok Facebook Page

At 37 years of age, P.J Akeeagok has been chosen as Nunavut's next premier during the Nunavut Leadership Forum held in the territory's Legislative Assembly.

Akeeagok is relatively new to the Legislative Assembly only being elected in October in the last territorial elections.

Nunavut, along with the North West Territories, do no have territorial political parties, so at Nunavut Leadership Forum held after an election candidates answer questions from elected MLA's.

Candidates must win by getting a majority of the 22 MLA's to vote for their candidacy in a secret ballot.

The new premier's election followed more than five hours of questioning by MLAs.

Akeeagok beat out incumbent premier Joe Savikataaq and former health minister Lorne Kusugak for the job.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated the new Premier in a statement Wednesday night, "“On behalf of the Government of Canada, I congratulate PJ Akeeagok, who was chosen to serve as the new premier of Nunavut by the Nunavut Leadership Forum.

“The Government of Canada is continuing to work with territorial partners in Nunavut in support of the ongoing response to the contamination impacting the drinking water supply in Iqaluit. Members of the Canadian Armed Forces are currently in Iqaluit, helping with the water emergency and providing clean drinking water for distribution to residents," Trudeau Added.


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