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Bill 18, 20, 21: Provincial/Municipal Relations Put To The Test

Welcome to Municipal Affairs, I'm your host Christopher Brown.

The recent introduction of Alberta Bills 18, 20, and 21 has stirred significant discussion and concern among Municipal Leaders not only here in Alberta, but across Canada.

Bill 20 has particularly become a focal point of contention, with Alberta Municipalities describing it as a "power grab" that could drastically reshape local governance and community autonomy.

This bill has ignited debates over the extent of provincial control and the potential impacts on how residents manage and experience their communities.

In response to the growing unease, Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs Ric McIver pledged to engage in consultations with municipal stakeholders to address their concerns and clarify the bill's implications before it was tabled on Thursday, May 16th.

With that date come and gone, it leads to today's episode.

To gain deeper insights into the developments since the introduction of these bills and to understand the desired path forward, we turn to Tyler Gandam, President of Alberta Municipalities.

His perspective will shed light on the current situation and provide a vision for how municipalities hope the provincial government will address these critical issues moving forward.

This is Municipal Affairs.


Learn More About The Bills Talks About In Today's Episode:

Bill 18: Defending Alberta’s provincial priorities

Bill 20: Strengthening local elections and councils

Bill 21: Enhancing emergency response



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