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Calgary-Bow NDP President Resigns siting Bullying/Candidate selection

(L-R ) Former Calgary Bow NDP President Krista Li, Alberta NDP Director of Organization Garett Spelliscy, and Former Calgary Councillor Druh Farell

The Trouble in Mouseland spilled over to social media on Thursday morning as Calgary-Bow Alberta NDP Constituency Association President announced here immediate resignation from the board.

The reason, Former Calgary Councillor Druh Farrell's surprise candidacy announcement, accusations of bullying from party staffers, and subtle racism.

Krista Li, the former Calgary-Bow NDP president said that she tendered her resignation due to recent events with the party, "(Recent events) demonstrated to me an unwillingness by party staffers to act in good faith, act respectfully, and act with decency."

Li, in a string of tweets posted to her Twitter account, said that the surprise announcement from former Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell shocked the constituency association, "On Monday, our (constituency association) found out on Twitter that a nominee had been announced for our riding.

"We found out on Twitter. This was a nominee we had no idea had even applied - a complete blindsiding if ever there was one. We had no idea this was happening," Li wrote.

Leading up to Farrell announcement the events that the party took were suspect, according to Li, "A quick check of our email revealed. A message from party dated a few minutes past midnight. On the Sunday before a holiday Monday. When no one would see it. Technically the rules were followed and we were notified. Technically - with a wink and a nod to the rules."

Farrell announced Monday morning (Family Day), via a video, that she was seeking the nomination for Calgary Bow for the Alberta NDP.

According to Li, the announcement went against what she understood around potential nominees, " This was a railroading of a duly elected CA that was under the impression that potential candidates had to notify the CA in writing of their intent.

"I was told by a party staffer that I must do this when I applied. The other applicant who came forward did the same. The CA was notified in writing. The nomination handbook seems to say this. But not the nominee who announced. She did not notify the CA in writing. We had no idea." Li added.

When Li brought her frustration to the party, the same party staffer said that if she aired her frustrations she would be an outcast, "I was warned about speaking out - that I would be a pariah, that I would be “finished”. But as the staffer I spoke with intimated - I’m a nobody. I’m happy to go back to my corner and continue advocating. My truth matters. I get to tell that - not the party."

Without naming anyone, Li said that the bullying that the party staffer hurled at her on a phone call was belittling, "I called the party staffer in charge on nominations on Tuesday to seek clarification. What ensued was the most abusive and aggressive conversation I have ever been a part of. I was yelled at. Belittled. Demeaned. And accused of being untrustworthy."

The Cross Border News reached out to numerous candidates/past candidates and all have confirmed that Garett Spelliscy the Director of Organizations for the Alberta NDP is in charge of vetting of candidates for the Alberta NDP.

Li said that while she wishes Farrell the best in the upcoming election, the party has created a two-tiered system for candidates, "This is the very stuff we accuse the UCP of. We are no better if we do this."


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