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Cundal hopes to paint Calgary-Elbow Teal

The Alberta Party candidate selection process continued on Sunday with the party selecting their candidate for the 2023 Provincial Election in the riding of Calgary Elbow.

Kerry Cundal was acclaimed as the Alberta Party candidate in the riding of Calgary Elbow. She was nominated at the Marda Loop Community Centre in the heart of Calgary.

Cundal spoke to about 80 supporters from across the riding, including Alberta Party Leader Barry Morishita and past leader - and former Calgary Elbow MLA - Greg Clark.

The newly acclaimed candidate said to the crowd, "I am running to get things done for my community and for Albertans with a positive, practical, and professional approach. We must work together with those who share our principles and vision for Alberta – a vision that combines fiscal responsibility with needed social support and strong human rights values.

"I am so proud to be nominated as a candidate for the Alberta Party. I look forward to the opportunity to represent my community of Calgary-Elbow in the Legislature on the important issues for Albertans that have been neglected for far too long by current and past governments," she added.

Cundal continued by adding, "Albertans are looking for a change, (The Alberta Party) will be that change."

She has served as a teacher, lawyer and tribunal member at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. She has also served federally as a Director to the Immigration Minister. Cundal was a Director and owner of a real estate investment company, J & J Ventures for 10 years.

In 2017, Cundal was a candidate for the Alberta Liberal Party Leadership, running to unite-the-centre with the Alberta Party. She went on to lose that leadership vote to eventual winner David Khan.

Morishita added that he was honoured to have someone of Cundal's calibre join the party.

"I want to thank Kerry for taking on this huge challenge, but also thank (you) for taking this on for the right reasons.

"Let's vote for hope, Let's vote for solutions, and let's vote for our communities," Morishita continued.

Calgary-Elbow is currently held by UCP MLA Doug Schweitzer. Schwitzer recently announced that he would not be seeking re-election. The UCP has not named a candidate in Calgary-Elbow. The Alberta NDP have nominated Samir Kayande as their candidate.

From 2015 to 2019 Calgary Elbow was held by former MLA and Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark.


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