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Dreeshen Resigns, Horner Promoted: UCP Stumbles into November

Friday Morning Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Minister Devin Dreeshen announced via twitter that he had submitted his resignation papers to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, and Kenney accepted his resignation.

"This morning, I offered Premier Jason Kenney my resignation as minister of agriculture and forestry, and he has accepted," the tweet stated.

The resignation comes on the heels of a lawsuit which named Dreeshen. Dreeshen was named in a lawsuit against the premier's office by a former government chief of staff.

Since the lawsuit news broke, Dreeshen has come under heavy fire about his "excessive drinking".

On November 1st, Dreeshen released a photo which came under heavy scrutiny when people began to notice the wine bottle under his side desk, and that his tablet was standing on a cooler.

Premier Jason Kenney at a press conference Friday morning, mere hours after Dreeshen resignation, announced that Nate Horner would be promoted to Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and Rural Economic Development.

Dreeshen has been the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry since the UCP government was sworn into office in 2019.

In the same tweet about his resignation, Dreeshen stated, "I accept that my personal conduct with regards to alcohol has become an issue for the government as a whole.

"I deeply regret that this is the case, but have decided that it is best for both myself and the province to resign my position and focus on my personal health and wellness," Dreeshen added.


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