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Failed Mayoral Candidate claiming political asylum in USA

Photo from Kevin Johnston Facebook Page
Photo from Kevin Johnston Facebook Page

Kevin J. Johnston was arrested at the Saskatchewan, Montana Border earlier this week after failing to appear in a Toronto Courthouse to begin serving a jail sentence handed down in late 2021.

Johnston who ran for Mayor of Calgary in the October Municipal election, was found guilty of defaming a prominent business owner.

In a letter released by CBC Calgary Crime and Court Reporter Megan Grant, Johnston had

entered the United Stated of America with the intentions of seeking political asylum.

"(This is) due to the treatment I have experienced over the last five years because of political persecution by the Canadian Government," according to the news statement.

The statement went on to add, "I have had to appear in court over 266 times, and have served five months of prison time for holding conservative political views."

Johnston the host of The Kevin J. Johnston Show added that he believed he was under state surveillance because of his podcast.

He also claimed in the statement that he went into hiding, "I have been made aware of a Fatwa after I was attacked on Christmas Eve."

Johnston is being processed and will be turned over to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in the near future.

Earlier this week he was suppose to begin a 18-month sentence for violating a court order.


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