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Ford's PC Blows opponents out of water with 2021 fundraising numbers

Ontario Premier Dog Ford is heading into 2022, and the next general election with a massive war chest by quadrupling his opponents.

Party fundraising numbers for 2021 were released and the governing Ontario Progressive Conservatives lead by Doug Ford raised more than $8.5-million in total in 2021. This eclipses the other parties at Queens Park.

Ford who will be heading into a provincial election in June will have out raised both the Ontario Liberals and the Ontario New Democratic Party combined.

Steven Del Luca who is looking to bring the Ontario Liberals back to relevance after the 2018 provincial election which saw the former governing party reduce to no party status at Queens Park, raised the second most in 2021 with $1.7-million.

Official Opposition leader Andrea Horwath raised 1.5-million, but had more donors over the last year than the governing PC's and the Ontario Liberals.

The Greens who broke through in the 2018 election came in 4th place in the fundraising numbers in 2021, with just under $850,000.

Jim Karahalios's New Blue Party of Ontario raised close to $175,000 in the last fiscal year.

At time of publication the Ontario First Party (lead by MPP Randy Hillier) and the Ontario Party (lead by former MP Derek Sloan) had not numbers released about last years fundraising.

For for details on the contributions in 2021 or in previous years, visit the Election Ontario website.


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