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"G" is for Good Governance

Welcome to the Political Trenches: Local Government At Work, a new online show dedicated to local governance here in Alberta, across Canada and Around the World.

Each week, Co-Hosts Ian McCormack (President of Strategic Steps Inc.) and Christopher Brown (Host of the Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown) come together to talk about the big news and issues facing municipal governance.

In today's episode, is dedicated to the letter 'G', which stands for Good Governance. We chat with the Municipal Consultant George Cuff.

We also dive into some news stories that are making the headlines.

Stories We Talked About This Episode:

Kamloops Mayor Wants Input from Failed Council Candidates

Tickets based on your income?

Consolidation and Amalgamation takes Toll on Municipal Staff


Learn More About George Cuff:


Abuse Against Elected Officials: Bucking The Trend


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