General Wayne Eyre new Chief of Defence Staff

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the selection of General Wayne Eyre as the next Chief of Defence Staff Thursday morning.

General Eyre was appointed as Acting Chief of the Defence Staff in February 2021.

Eyre's resumes is impressive, he was previously deployed to Cyprus, Croatia, and Bosnia, and served in Afghanistan twice – first in the Canadian Operational Mentor and Liaison Team in Kandahar, then as the Commanding General of NATO Training Mission.

Trudeau said that Eyre has demonstrated impressive service to Canada in his tenure in the armed forces, "Over the past year, his lived experience has played a vital role in providing strong leadership, and helping Canadians across the country as they faced important and increasingly difficult challenges.

"General Eyre will continue working hard to build and oversee cultural change in the Canadian Armed Forces, and to gain trust and confidence of survivors of sexual misconduct. I know he will keep leading our Armed Forces with distinction and professionalism as they continue to protect Canadians and their values at home and abroad," Trudeau added.