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Municipal Affairs: Ontario Big City Mayors Want Collaboration

Welcome to ‘Municipal Affairs With Chris Brown.' ‘Municipal Affairs’ is all about delving into the pressing issues that shape our municipalities across Canada.

Today, We have the privilege of sitting down with a leader at the forefront of Ontario's urban landscape, a mayor whose vision and dedication are shaping the very foundations of our cities. Burlington Mayor, and Chair of the Ontario Big City Mayors Caucus Mayor Marianne Meed Ward.

The Ontario Big City Mayors Caucus – an alliance of dynamic leaders, united in their mission to advocate for policies that build vibrant, resilient cities. These mayors are the voices of our urban centers in the province of Ontario, standing up for progress, innovation, and collaboration in the face of the challenges that shape their communities.

In this episode, We delve deep into the issues that are shaping the landscape of the big cities of Ontario– the housing crisis, the critical need for cooperation among the province, federal, and municipal governments, and the challenges that big cities are grappling with today.

Our conversation with Mayor Meed Ward is a candid exploration of the housing crisis – a pressing issue that demands a united front. We'll uncover the need for all levels of government to come together and forge a path toward a sustainable solution.

But that's not all – Mayor Meed Ward and I also delve into the broader challenges that Big Cities Mayors in ONtario are confronting today. We'll explore the need for a new fiscal framework – one that addresses the unique needs of 2023 and beyond.

And if you've been following the headlines, you've likely heard about the significant changes that some municipalities have undergone over the last few months. We don't shy away from discussing the impact of the new strong mayor powers, weighing the pros and cons of this shift in governance.

So, my friends, get ready for an engaging and enlightening discussion that pulls back the curtain on the challenges, decisions, and aspirations that drive the Big Cities in the Province of Ontario forward.

This is 'Municipal Affairs With Chris Brown,' and here is our one-on-one with Mayor Marianne Meed

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