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Municipal Affairs: The Community Peace Officer

Welcome to a thought-provoking episode of 'Municipal Affairs.' I'm your host, Chris Brown,

Today, we have a special focus on the dedicated men and women who play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities in Alberta.

Joining us are two distinguished guests who represent the heart and soul of the Alberta Association of Community Peace Officers.

The AACPO serves as the collective voice of over 600 Community Peace Officers (CPOs) spread across more than 125 municipalities in Alberta and beyond. These officers, known as CPOs, hold a unique position within our communities. Employed by Authorized Employers under the Alberta Peace Officer Act, they are entrusted with the enforcement of a wide array of Federal, Provincial, and Municipal statutes, all aimed at maintaining peace, safety, and order.

But it doesn't stop there. These remarkable individuals go beyond their official duties. Many of them actively volunteer their time and expertise in various community initiatives, from mentoring programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters to drug awareness programs like DARE, from Search and Rescue operations to coaching local sports teams, and even supporting events like the Special Olympics. These Community Peace Officers embody the spirit of community involvement and service, contributing significantly to the well-rounded development of the areas they serve.

One crucial aspect to highlight is that while these officers are typically employed by Municipal Governments, their appointment as Peace Officers falls under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Public Safety and Emergency Services ministry. This dynamic interplay between local governance and provincial oversight underscores the importance of their role in maintaining public safety and order.

Community Peace Officers are often the first responders on the scene of motor vehicle collisions and other emergency situations within their jurisdictions. They work tirelessly alongside our Police, Fire, and EMS crews, providing invaluable support to ensure the safety of our communities.

Today, we have the privilege of gaining deeper insights into the world of these unsung heroes.

Our guests today are Terri Miller, President of the Alberta Association of Community Peace Officers, and Mark Sproule, Vice President of the same association.

They toth bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to help us better understand the vital role these officers play in making Alberta's communities safe, vibrant, and resilient. Stay with us, because the conversation starts right now. Welcome to 'Municipal Affairs.'"

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