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"School Board Chronicles" Launches November 9th

Cross Border Interviews is thrilled to unveil its latest show, "School Board Chronicles," slated to premiere on November 9th, 2023. This innovative program aims to cast a spotlight on the dynamic and influential role of School Board Trustees hailing from diverse regions across Canada.

Set to air weekly, the show will offer a comprehensive perspective on the pivotal responsibilities and impactful endeavours undertaken by School Board Trustees within their respective districts. These crucial responsibilities encompass efficient public communication, strategic policy-setting for the seamless operation of all schools, active engagement in various Board and Advisory Committees, and the strategic allocation of the annual budget.

With a resolute commitment to championing the cause of quality public education, "School Board Chronicles" endeavours to stimulate insightful conversations, foster constructive dialogues, and foster transparency concerning the indispensable contributions made by School Board Trustees in shaping Canada's educational landscape.

Mark your calendars and tune in to Cross Border Interviews' "School Board Chronicles" from November 9th, 2023, onwards, to gain an exclusive insight into the impactful world of educational governance and the unwavering efforts of School Board Trustees in spearheading transformative change within their communities.


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